How To: Replace the battery on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch

Replace the battery on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch

This video by repairs universe shows viewers how to replace the battery in the 2nd Generation iPod Touch. The tools you will need for this project include safe-open pry tools and a small phillips head screwdriver. To begin, remove the screen by releasing several clips that hold it to the frame using the safe-open pry tool. Run the tool between the case and the glass along all edges. Gently pull glass off and pry off the digitizer. Next, remove the small screw in the upper corner, lift up the foil, and gently pry up the screen. There are now 7 screws that need to be removed from the metal frame. Next, you will need to release the ribbon to the LCD screen. After that has been completed, use the safe-pry tool to release the clips holding in the metal frame. Pry up the tape covering the battery connection and gently heat the 3 connections to release the battery. When replaced with the new battery, heat again to secure it in place. You are then able to follow the instructions in reverse to put the iPod back together again.

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