How To: Repair the LCD screen on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch

Repair the LCD screen on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch

This how to video will show you how to repair an iPod Touch screen. First, take a pry tool and undo the clips of the device's front cover. Now remove the front cover. Use the tool to remove the cable connecting the cover to the main board. Next, remove the screw from the metal frame. Lift up the foil from the top of the screen. Now, remove the LCD screen with the pry tool. Not that it is still connected to the board. Next, remove the screws on the metal board. Release the ribbon to the LCD screen with the tool. Release the clips of the side of the iPod with the tool. This will allow you to remove the metal frame. Now the screen can be removed and replaced. This video shows you the proper steps in order to safely dismantle your iPod to get to the screen.

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