How To: Fix an iPod with a "folder & exclamation mark" warning

Fix an iPod with a "folder & exclamation mark" warning

This video shows us how to fix an iPod that is displaying a folder icon and exclamation mark warning and does not function. The first thing you will need is obviously the iPod, typically the 1st Generation to 5th generation iPod. The second thing you will need is your sync cable, and also a wall charger. The first thing you have to do with the iPod is to reset the iPod by holding down the center button and at the same time hold down the menu button. After a few seconds without letting go the iPod will power off. now hold down the select button and the play button at the same time. After a few seconds the Apple logo should power on and the log will blink. You will then see the disk mode screen. Once this screen appears plug the iPod into the wall charger. The next step is to take the iPod and the USB cable and connect it and iTunes should automatically load. Once iTunes is loaded you should see the iPod listed and click on the iPod in iTunes. Finally click on the Restore tab and it should take a minute or two to restore. Once it is restored disconnect the iPod from the computer and plug it into the wall charger. Once the meter is fully restored when plugged in you should see the standard iPod screens and your system has been restored.

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hi.. man look i have an old ipod and appear a folder and a exclamation mark and i completed all the steps but when i connect my ipod in a plug

and when the ipod start up appear the same folder with a exclamation
the itunes dont restore anything in the ipod help me

so i get as far as the connect to wall charger pic, and when i connect to wall, nothing happens ????

goodbye my trusty friend nothing couldve brought you back

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