How To: Watch YouTube movies on your iPod (without WiFi)

Watch YouTube movies on your iPod (without WiFi)

This video explains how you can watch YouTube movies and videos on your iPod. First of all you need to open your web browser and do a search for Realplayer (in this case Realplayer version 11). Next, click on the link for Realplayer. You will need to download and run the installation file. Once the installation has run you need to accept the default and then load your web browser (Explorer or Firefox). From here you can choose any YouTube video you would like then add "&fmt=18" to the url address ("&fmt=22" for HD iPod video or "&fmt=35 for mp4 compatible videos). Right click the video and select "download video to Realplayer". This will store the video in the Realplayer Downloads folder of My Videos in XP (or Videos in Vista). Two files are downloaded however the .mp4 file is the only one needed. The video will now play in iTunes and work on your iPod. Get ready to have some fun on the go now!!

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