How To: Sync your iPod to more than one computer

Sync your iPod to more than one computer


my friend and I were so stumped on how to do this and we knew there had to be a way!! thanks so much, this is totally going to make me look smart when I tell him how to do it!

and to see that it was right under our noses all this time.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this didn't help me at all. I don't want to lose the music on my ipod since the computer I first used to sync my ipod is now broken and no longer usable I need to have my music on my ipod stored somewhere (as backup). If I can't backup my music somewhere other than my ipod then I have a problem. Also, what if I want to make a playlist or make a cd with music that's on my ipod (but not on the original itunes account I have because I used the ipod to buy music because the computer was broken). how do I do that? what about cd's I transferred music to itunes versus purchases I made from itunes on my ipod. I guess I will have to continue to try to find answers. oh well.

You may want to wait for iCloud to become fully functional ( and for iMatch (, though you need to pay for the service. But that won't fix the fact that you have none of your music in iTunes because of the computer crash. For that, you'll need to try some kind of iPod to iTunes program to dump them all back in.

Thank You Soooooo much! this was way easier than I thought! :)

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