How To: Replace the battery in the Apple iPod Nano

Replace the battery in the Apple iPod Nano

This is one of a series of videos offered on iPod Nano repair. This video describes how to replace the battery on an iPod Nano. The instructor cautions that this process is for advanced iPod users only. The techniques he demonstrates are good for four generations of the iPod.

You are able to watch a video accompanied by oral and occasional written instructions that guide you step by step on replacing the battery.

First, you are shown a picture of the needed repair kit with the battery and two tools needed. He explains which tool serves what purpose.

Second, you are taken step by step through the delicate process of opening the iPod with one of the tools. The video illustrates what the now open iPod will look like and he emphasizes the importance of treating the logic board (sometimes called the mother board) carefully.

Third, he guides you through using the second tool to carefully remove the battery, which may be glued in.

Fourth, he describes two different ways to complete the replacement process. One involves soldering, which he says only someone skilled in soldering should attempt. The second method involves splicing the wires. Each step is described in great detail.

The instructor thoroughly explains the challenges and pitfalls in this project if you are not truly skilled.

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