How To: Move MP3s from your iPod to your PC without software

Move MP3s from your iPod to your PC without software

Using a Windows PC, our host shows us how to retrieve the music off of an iPod and copy it to our hard drive. First he opens the "My Computer" icon and selects the iPod, which is shown as a hard drive. There are a few folders shown, such as Calendar and Contacts, but no Music folder. We are shown how to reveal the hidden files on this drive. A new folder appears, called "iPod Control." Once this is opened, we can see the Music folder. Inside the Music folder are many folders labeled in a seemingly random fashion. And inside of each of those folders are our music files, all named random numbers. These folders can then be dragged to the iTunes Music folder of our hard drive. If, in our iTunes Preferences panel, we have chosen "Keep iTunes Folders Organized," then iTunes will automatically stay up-to-date on the music we have added to our drive, and re-name the files for us.

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