How To: Modify the iPod Video interface to look like Classic

Modify the iPod Video interface to look like Classic

Make your old iPod Video look like the new iPod Classic. This is a tutorial on how to change your iPod Video (5G/5.5G) to a iPod Classic interface. Your iPod must have the 1.2.1 firmware or lower. But don't worry you can downgrade your 1.2.3 by writing The Ultimate Background Hack 1.2.2 You get the background hack and it downgrades your iPod to 1.2.2. You can use any other custom firmware. Watch this video iPod tutorial and learn how to modify an iPod Video to use the iPod Classic interface.

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Hi there, I'm a big iPod theme creator but I've lost many of the firm-wares I once had. I beg you to DM me and talk with me about anything and everything you might still have pertaining to the 5/5.5G iPod Video's. I have a special firm-ware I acquired long ago that you may be interested in, please respond back. I'm looking for anything and everything.

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