How To: Make free phone calls from an iPod Touch with Fring

Make free phone calls from an iPod Touch with Fring

Check out this video tutorial on how to make free phone calls from your iPod Touch or iPhone to any other phone out there. You will be using a free application from the iTunes App Store called Fring. This allows you to make VOIP phone calls.

Here's how to do it:

1) Download Fring from the iTunes App Store.
2) Sync it to your device.
3) Go to, then click on the download tab. Click "Download voip stunt."
4) Wait for it to download and then click on the setup voipstunt desktop icon.
5) Download the program.
6) Click on the new Voip Stunt desktop icon, click new user, and fill out all of the required information.
7) Go to the fring app on your device.
8) Click add ons.
9) Click SIP from the list.
10) Now click on the Voip Stunt button.
11) Enter the log on info in (you use the same info you used when you installed Voip Stunt on your computer).
12) Log in (if successful, you should have a check mark near the SIP icon).
13) Hit dialer.
14) Now enter a phone number. Be sure if you live in the US, you include 1 and then the area code before the actual #.

**This only works if you have an Apple iPhone or 2G iPod Touch**

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do you need to be on wifi or can you make calls any were?

there is no fringe in the app store

i think u need to be wifi and there is fring app store, guys try it, it work for me

Yes you will need wifi to do this. Also you can download the fring app through the app store not itunes.

I could not play video

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