How To: Get hotmail on your iPod Touch without hacking it

Get hotmail on your iPod Touch without hacking it

If you are having trouble getting your hotmail on your iTouch, check out this video. It's safe and easy, without giving somebody your personal info. This is the 32GB version, but it should work for all iTouches as well as the iPhone.

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6 Comments allows you get Hotmail on your iPhone without hacking it.

my page doesnt look like urs. how to i take the mobile view off? i got the 2nd gen if that helps..

to get Hotmail in your iPhone simply open an account with Yahoo,(skip if you already have one)
open Yahoo mail and go to "option" than "import contact" follow the step,imput the information of your Hotmail account ( or any other ) Yahoo will import all your contact information and Hotmail will forward all the messages to Yahoo so you will have Yahoo and Hotmail E-mail on the same screen

If you choose the option which forwards all emails to a yahoo address, do the emails still go to hotmail?

E-mails that have your Hotmail ID as intended recipient will reach your Inbox, however, it will immediately be forwarded to your designated Yahoo! ID and you will no longer be able to see a trace of that e-mail in your Hotmail inbox.

Okay thanks.

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