How To: Create and use sync groups (auto playlists) on a Zune

Create and use sync groups (auto playlists) on a Zune

Zune is a digital media players and services sold by Microsoft. It includes portable media players, client software, and the Zune Marketplace Internet music and video store. If you hate the Apple iPods, you probably have one of these MP3 players.

One of the new features in the 2.5 spring update for the Zune is the ability to create sync groups, which are auto playlists - easy ways for you to get the music, photos, and the videos you want onto your Zune, automatically. This video tutorial shows you how to do that.

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I had my music set up in folders structures (e.g. Rock --> Classic Rock etc) on my machine based on my liking but could not find easy way to create similar zune playlists based on folder structure so I wrote a quick tool which would do this... I made it available to be downloaded for free at

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