How To: Crack open your iPod Nano and access the inside

Crack open your iPod Nano and access the inside

Apple products can be really expensive for some of us but we can’t live without them, especially the Apple iPods. For those that want to keep their iPods healthy and up to date, it may be a good idea to know the make-up of the interior to get an idea of how you can replace or fix parts when your iPod starts to go bad. This video shows you how to open up your iPod Nano by using a very thin putty knife. To get started, place the putty knife in the gap between the metal base and white case, slowly prying the two sections apart. Eventually, the metal base will pop off from the white case. Next, undo the screws holding the motherboard down and pull the board back, being careful not to break it. You can also yank off the battery by using a screwdriver. If you pull the mother board far back enough, you can see all the parts that make up the iPod Nano.

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