How To: Copy iPod music that's synced to a different Mac

Copy iPod music that's synced to a different Mac

This video tutorial from Muaaz5903 presents how to copy music from an iPod that is synced to another Mac computer. First, visit Senuti, download and install Senuti application.Make sure your iPod is connected to your computer. You can use the application free for 30 days after that period you will have to buy it for 18 $.Once it's installed, run the program. Senuti main window will show all music files on your iPod. Select songs you want to copy and click Transfer on top menu and dialogue box will appear asking if you want to add songs to iTunes. Press Add to iTunes button. Open iTunes. Now all selected songs will appear in iTunes library. Now select your iPod from Devices category to the left. Before adding new songs to your second iPod you need to check Manually Manage Music and Videos option in iPod Summary tab. Now you will be able to add imported songs from another iPod to your current iPod.

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