How To: Copy all your iPod music to your computer

Copy all your iPod music to your computer

This video shows you a straightforward way for Windows users to transfer music from an iPod to your hard drive, without extra software:

1.Connect the iPod to your PC. If iTunes starts syncing (i.e., erasing) your music automatically, hit the X in the upper right hand corner of iTunes display, to the left of the search box, to stop it.

2.In Control Panel, Portable Media Devices, double-click your iPod.

3.In the Tools menu -> Options, in the View Tab, check "Show hidden files and folders."

4.Navigate to the Music folder. On my 2nd gen 'pod, the full path is
Portable Media Devices\GINA'S IPOD (F:)\iPod_Control\Music

5.Select all the music folders, and drag and drop them into a folder on your
hard drive, or directly into iTunes.

And you're done! The iPod music folder structure is strange and inexplicable, but once you move your files into iTunes you can set it to automatically organize your folder by artist and album to clean that up. (To do this, in iTunes Edit menu, choose Preferences and in the Advanced tab, check "Keep iTunes Music Folder organized.")

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This didn't work for me. When I tried following instructions my ipod only registers as Internal storage. I checked the 'show all hidden files folder" but the only thing I got is the ipod as internal storage. Once again nothing works nothing helps. Also, when I plug my ipod into my laptop it just says it's a digital camera which it isn't and doesn't even have a camera function. I can't take pictures with it so why does it say it's a camera? All I want is to transfer all my music and videos to my laptop but I can't when it says it's either a digital camera or internal storage. Does anyone have any ideas for that?

What kind of iPod do you have? And are you transferring to PC or Mac?

thanks it worked for me ............very useful . i have copied now 4 ipods to my computer without erasing the ipod. you just have to make sure that itunes is not set to sync the second you plug it in. i will be coping this way from now on. again thank you!!!!!!!

I had almost the same problem as Lindsey did. It simply could not detect my iPhone 5 as an external storage on Windows 8 tablet. And i have spent so much time trying to figure it out... Oh, boy!..

Finally i found an app to solve my transferring problem and even more. It is called Phone Stick. Love it!

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