How To: Convert movie files for use on an iPod or iPhone

Convert movie files for use on an iPod or iPhone

The iPod kids shows viewers how to covert movie files that are already on your computer into a format that will work with your iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd generation).

Begin by opening your internet browser and going to This is a simple and free program that will convert your files. On the main page, look for the "Apple Products" heading and then click on the link that says "Videora iPod Touch converter". Click the orange bar to download to either a Windows or a Mac computer.

After the download is complete, you are able to exit your browser. On your desktop, you should find a Videora installation icon and you should double-click that. You should then click next, I agree, (optionally) uncheck box beside "YouTube downloader", and next. You should then be on the option that allows you to change the download location. Many prefer to leave it as the default which sends the file to the desktop, but you are able to change it to your preferred location. After selecting a destination, click next and then install.

After the program is installed, you should double-click the icon to open the program. After the application opens, you will notice that you have three options for coversion: from DVD, from Video File (on your computer), and from Online Video. To convert movies that are already on your computer, choose "from Video File".

Click that option and scroll to the bottom right corner and click "convert new file".

The iPod kid recommends converting in "Power Mode", so click that and then follow the next 5 steps: Select file you wish to convert, Browse output directory for destination location, name download, choose device (in this case iPhone/iPod), and choose quality.

After file is converted, open your iTunes movie library and drag and drop your newly converted file, which will automatically upload. The next time you plug in your device and sync with iTunes, your new movie will be on your device to enjoy.

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